Milbank Manufacturing Co.

Marketing Specialist

05/2019 - present

As a marketing specialist, I have an ever-evolving list of responsibilities. I create various product flyers ranging from specific to technical to general. I also build larger product pieces like brochures and booklets. I am regularly designing print and web advertisements. More recently, I have designed a couple promo items like t-shirts and a twelve-month product calendar. Occasionally I will have the opportunity to design trade show banners and create inter-company event branding. The main focus of my role lately has been our website; I have been creating and updating pages daily, designing landing pages for advertisements, and exploring ways to increase and improve our website content.



(Volunteer Organization)

Communications Chair: 07/2018 - present

Director of Content: 07/2017 - 06/2018

Web and Eblast Associate: 07/2016 - 06/2017

I have been on the board of the Kansas City chapter of AIGA since 2016. I started as an associate of web and eblast on the communications committee, where my primary responsibilities were building and sending emails to our members through MailChimp, and updating the Wordpress website with relevant content. In 2017 I was voted in by our member base as the director of content on the communications committee and worked closely with the Vice President of communications to build and promote AIGA KC events. We would trade off setting up events through Eventbrite and on Facebook, and we would strategize as a team what kind of promotions schedule we wanted for social media and email. A year later, the VP rolled off the board and I was voted in as the new VP of communications. For the past two years, I have led a committee of six to improve our communications with our members through social media and emails. I have reduced the amount of emails we send to our members so as not to overwhelm them; now emails are sent once a month in the form of a newsletter. AIGA KC has the best engagement through Instagram, so I worked with my team to put emphasis on promotions through regular posts and utilizing Instagram Stories where we share live videos from events or re-share what our members post about our events on their own accounts. I also started creating a library of communications resources for the team, primarily consisting of how-to documents, so each team member is able to perform each other's responsibilities successfully. As I begin my third term as Communications Chair (recently renamed from VP to Chair), I hope to expand this library and further improve engagement with the AIGA KC member base, while leading a team of four towards these goals.


Dealer.com - A Cox Automotive Brand

Graphic Designer II

01/2017 - 05/2019

Image creation for clients of Dealer.com were managed by a different department that didn't have a Kansas City location until January 2017. I was one of five support analysts chosen to help start the managed services department at the KC office of Dealer.com. In the role of Graphic Designer II, I would assign myself cases from the Salesforce queue, and each case listed the number and type of graphics that were requested by clients. I would create the desired graphics in InDesign, using scripts written by another team member and plugins from programs such as Wordsflow and Webdam. Client images were created for either their website or their advertising on other websites. Most cases I would work were for new image creation, some cases were for re-works like client revisions or compliance updates, and other cases were updates to past creatives from earlier months or years. One special project I was assigned every other month was the themes project, where designers would spend a longer period of time creating a collection of images that can be used as more of a template by other designers on the team. Each themes project lasted roughly two weeks and is then presented to the dealerships for choosing at the start of each month. Each theme contains a full suite of assets, including: slides, banners, specials, display ads, etc. Another special project I worked on was the National Initiatives with Lincoln for their 2018 Wish List campaign. During the fourth quarter of 2018, I received the "Be the Energy" award for being a positive influence in the workspace and for my involvement in inner-office organizations.


Dealer.com - A Cox Automotive Brand

Support Analyst

06/2016 - 01/2017

When Cox Automotive acquired Dealer.com and chose to sunset VinSolution's website platform, my role of website design support became support analyst at Dealer.com. I still worked through Salesforce support tickets for car dealerships' websites, inventory, and other product offerings of Dealer.com, but cases were more technical software focused instead of the graphics creation, code editing, or content assistance cases that I worked for VinSolutions customers.


VinSolutions - A Cox Automotive Brand

Website Design Support

01/2015 - 06/2016

At VinSolutions, I worked support tickets for car dealership websites. The types of tickets were image creation, code installment or manipulation, and content editing. Cases were built either through emails that were input into Salesforce or over the phone with representatives from the dealerships. I was also awarded various side projects from my manager and supervisors as well as from other coworkers. Eventually I was assigned to the special issues team of support technicians and account managers who covered tickets that needed extra attention or needed to be completed asap. I also gained more responsibilities within my roll such as regularly combing through the support ticket queue and assigning cases to my fellow technicians.


Athletic Provisions

Graphic Designer

05/2014 - 12/2014

Although Athletic Provisions is no longer in business, during my time there I designed various sports teams' jerseys varying from baseball to softball to soccer to volleyball. I also managed product listing on their eCommerce website, created templates for emails through MailChimp, managed their social media profiles, created production files, and assisted with data entry and their shipping process.


Midwest Sports Productions

Graphic Designer

05/2013 - 02/2014

At Midwest Sports Productions, I created website slideshow images, PDF templates, fliers for partner companies, good luck ads for world series tournament books, tournament passes, and tournament logos, sent out email blasts using iContact, managed multiple websites' content, design, and blogs, including playmsp.com, various Weebly websites, various Wordpress websites, etc., manage social media profiles, and compiled information and images to create a manual for interns.


Wilks Broadcasting

Promotions Intern

04/2013 - 09/2013

My internship with Wilks Broadcasting consisted of assisting in the set up for Hot Country Nights at Kansas City Live Block, and working promotional tables for Q104 and Alice 102 at various concerts and events including: Yallapalooza, John Mayer, Taylor Swift, and a celebrity baseball game featuring Florida Georgia Line.


Gear for Sports, Inc.

Graphic Design Intern

05/2012 - 08/2012

During my internship at Gear for Sports, I created garment sketches for clients and put together web images for product sales on client websites daily. As a special project, I designed caps for NCAA Division 1 and 3 and ACC tournaments. The internship ended with a t-shirt design and screen print project.



University of Central Missouri

BFA Graphic Design 2013

GPA 3.6 - Cum Laude

Honors College


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